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Pasture Raised Pork in Garrett County,Maryland

Half and Whole Hogs Available Now!
Get your just in time for the holidays!

Fall 2017
Butchering will be scheduled as orders are taken. Please indicate when approximatley you would like to pick up your pork. (We wait until we have 2-3 pigs to butcher for energy efficiency and cost savings)

Pastured Pork

20# Pork Sampler Box

This great family value brings you our signature products in smaller amounts than a half or whole hog. Try bacon, three varieties of sausage, shoulder roast, pork chops and cubed pork. Priced at $115, an average price of $5.75/#.

Pick up with CSA shares and at the Farmers Market is free, we can arrange delivery within a 50 mile radius for a fee.

$115.00 Pork Sampler
Payments accepted below via Paypal Shopping Cart with a Paypal Account or ANY Credit card.

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email Katharine to pay via an alternate method and/or arrange pick-up or delivery


Half and Whole Hogs NOW! Fall 2017
$1.80/# live weight!

Reserve yours today with a deposit below!
With new "non-regulations" on meat country of orgin labeling, protect your family with locally produced meat products. Take a family drive and meet the farmers, and enjoy beautiful western Maryland at the same time!
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Pastured Pork

What is it?

We are happy to offer our customers heritage breed pasture and woods raised pork! What exactly does this mean you may be wondering. It is a return to the old way of raising hogs, the way it was done before industrialized agriculture got a hold of things and turned it into a great big mess. Our pigs have room to move, to graze, to forage, the freedom to follow their natural rhythms and instincts. The herd has access to shelter at all times, and is rotated through pastures and woods that provide a large part of their diet. Large Black Hogs, the heritage breed we are raising, are known for their superior tasting pork, their hardiness, and their ability to forage. These pigs are able to take grass and other herbaceous plants, roots, grubs, acorns, produce scraps , and convert it into top quality meat. In addition, they are fed a custom feed ration featuring Fertrell all natural supplemets, including pro-biotics. Our pigs are born bred and born on the farm, and have had zero steroids, hormones or anti-biotics.


Backbone is taking orders for half or whole hogs with specific butcher dates.   When you order a pig, we will let you know the exact dates. You pay us for the live weight of the pig, and pay a separate fee to the butcher at the time of pick up.  When you order the pig, you will need to put down a deposit. You will fill out our PASTURED PORK ORDER FORM and either email back to us, or put it in the mail.  We will contact you in advance with details on pick up, and a reminder to bring a cooler or boxes to put your meat in. You can expect the bulk of a half hog to fit in a banana box.


We are offering a sale price for the next butcher date of Dec. 11, 2017 of $1.80/# live weight. You will also pay the butcher seperatley for their services. We will be using The Butcher Block in Mt. Lake Park, MD, just a few miles from the farm.

For example, a live 225# pig would cost this:

1.80/ lb to BACKBONE……………...$405

$50 processing fee to butcher …………….$50.00

$.30/lb live weight to butcher…………$67.50

TOTAL COST ……………………….$522

If your hog yields 160# of meat, that is an average cost of $3.40/lb. Please understand that each pig will be different, and you will pay for the pig that is butchered for you. Our hogs will typically weigh approximately 225 live weight. The dressed (or hanging weight) will be about 65% of the live weight. Therefore, you can expect a 225 # hog to yield about 147#s of pork, or 75#s per half hog. This percentage includes the fat and soup bones, etc.

You may split it with someone else, but we need one person or family to be responsible per side. How you split it beyond that is up to you. A deposit is due when you send in your order form. Whole pigs are $200, a half a pig is $100. Deposits are non-refundable.


Hogs available now! Reserve yours today!

Pay for your pork order deposit online here (most major credit cards accepted or use a Paypal account). We will confirm your order within a week of receipt. BE SURE to send via Email or Postal Service the completed PASTURED PORK ORDER FORM. This is your cut sheet, where you can specify how you want your hog cut. We need this for our records and the butcher. Pastured Pork pre-orders do have limited availability.

Online Payment Deposit for 1/2 Pig

Online Payment for Whole Pig Deposit

You may also send money order, cash, or check along with your
Max and Katharine Dubansky
530 Lynndale Rd.
Oakland MD 21550

We will send you an email you in advance to let you know the pick up date and final weight. Pick up will be from the butcher, and you will need to bring boxes or coolers to put your frozen meat in.

Pastured Pork

Max and Katharine Dubansky
530 Lynndale Rd.
Oakland MD 21550
Western Maryland Organic Food Farm and Community Supported Agriculture Co-op (CSA)